Design with

a deeper purpose

As creative individuals, we firmly believe in our ethical responsibility to approach design with mindfulness. This extends to our choices of materials, the projects we take on, and, perhaps most crucially, the potential for our work to shape messages and instigate positive behavioral changes.

The power of effective design is truly transformative. It possesses the capability to influence patterns of health, lifestyles, and the environment, as exemplified by our projects for various charitable, healthcare, educational, and environmental organisations.

Creativity is a perpetual challenge. Each project is unique and demands meticulous attention. Our lives are dedicated to constant innovation, evolving within the constraints of time, budget, and the expectations of our clients. However, our love for what we do persists because the results are intrinsically and emotionally gratifying.

Our Values
Be Fueled by Passion
Hutch was built with passion in mind, this is not a job but a lifestyle. We believe in what we do, we love what we do and we are dedicated to what we do.
People first always
We are all humans, our employees, our clients and our family. All these people matter, and their well-being and success is our priority.
We understand the bigger picture and our decisions are made for the long term, to leave a lasting positive legacy on our community and the planet.
We believe open and honest communication builds trust, which is the foundation of any relationship—whether it’s with our team or our clients.
We are so grateful to be where we are, we listen when others speak. We value our clients and their business as if it was our own. We listen, we take criticism, and we learn from that.
The world is always changing, and we cannot predict or change that. We stay agile, flexible and innovative – always ready to adapt to new business conditions.

Our people

Our creative agency prides itself not only on our experience, but also on the way that we achieve our results.

Always approachable and down-to-earth, the Hutch team always puts clients first. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, with the simple aim of delivering influential work that makes things better.

Our Founders
Alex Graves
Alex Graves
Rob Coumbe
Alex Graves
Purpose. Belief. Impact.
Our Clients