Masmahaa Veshi

United to protect our ocean.
“Despite being a country whose lives are intricately connected to the ocean, Maldivians have relatively low marine literacy. This is unfortunate because the ocean is not only the source of livelihood for many Maldivians but also plays a vital role in shaping the country’s geography and culture. By increasing marine literacy, the project hopes to inspire more people to become stewards of the ocean and contribute to its conservation."
Hassan Moosa
Education and Outreach Officer, Maldives Resilient Reefs

A joint education programme delivered by Blue Marine Foundation and Maldives Resilient Reefs, the website provides a platform for learning how to help protect precious marine habitats. Aimed at local fishermen, the website is broken down into modules with a quiz at the end of each module. 


Hutch worked on the design of the site, working directly with the client and developer to produce a site that was fun, interactive, accessible and easy to use. Alongside the website we designed infographics which formed part of each quiz. We used an illustrator to create a unique and recognisable style across all media outputs. The website is available in English and Dhivehi.

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