National Trust Jersey

Safeguarding Jersey's Puffin Colony.
"We can no longer take it for granted that this colourful seabird which plays such an important part in Jersey’s natural heritage will keep returning to our shores; we must play our part to protect it now before it is too late."
Cris Sellarés
Project Officer for Birds on the Edge | The National Trust for Jersey

The vision of National Trust Jersey is to permanently protect Jersey’s natural beauty, rich wildlife and historic places for everyone to enjoy and experience.

We were asked to work with them and their partners ‘Birds on the edge’ in creating an important report to layout a new campaign to protect and save the puffins of Jersey who are heading for extinction. The aim of the campaign is to create a Seabird Reserve to protect their nests, eggs and chicks with a special fence that will keep rats and ferrets away.

This long-term project hopes to make safe the puffins’ breeding grounds so that they can thrive and their colony can recover to sustainable levels. This predator-exclusion fence will also protect many other local seabirds, land birds, mammals, reptiles and insects.  

Public information panels were also needed to communicate the issue and plan clearly.

We delivered a report that was on brand and easy to understand. We pulled out important stats and used imagery to effectively illustrate and communicate the problems that puffins face as well as the effects of building a nature reserve to protect them.

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