Tech Cornwall

Empowering Innovation.
"Tech Cornwall is for the thinkers, the doers and the ones who are quietly pioneering. It’s for the local tech community, who have the power to make a positive difference within Cornwall, our incredible home. "
Niki Davies
Director, Tech Cornwall

In partnership with with our good friends The Agile Communications Agency we embarked on an exciting journey with Tech Cornwall, formerly known as Software Cornwall as we undertook the task of redefining their brand identity as they transitioned to Tech Cornwall.

A pivotal moment for them, marking a decade of innovation, collaboration and community, this evolution signified their commitment to spearheading Cornwall’s Tech Sector.

We delivered, a bold, fun and inclusive identity. Free from the grids and the do’s and don’ts of constrained guidelines. This accessible identity is made to empower their team with creative freedom, giving them space for interpretation and experimentation.

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