University of Exeter

Renewing biodiversity through a people-in-nature approach’ (RENEW)

RENEW is a five-year partnership programme to develop solutions to one of the major environmental challenges for humankind: the renewal of biodiversity.

This was a new programme so an identity was needed to depict the name, purpose and personality. We set about the task of creating a logo that was impactful and engaging while not being cliched or too corporate.

The end result is an identity that reflects the programme’s optimistic vision and values.

A pivotal moment for them, marking a decade of innovation, collaboration and community, this evolution signified their commitment to spearheading Cornwall’s Tech Sector.

We delivered, a bold, fun and inclusive identity. Free from the grids and the do’s and don’ts of constrained guidelines. This accessible identity is made to empower their team with creative freedom, giving them space for interpretation and experimentation.

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